Master Plan

KL Wellness City (KLWC) is pioneering the first comprehensive wellness and healthcare city in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Building a fully integrated ecosystem, KLWC will provide a full range of healthcare, wellness, living, and fitness facilities, services, and products.

Strategically located between Kuala Lumpur City Centre and Kuala Lumpur International Airport, KLWC is positioned to be the ideal destination for both Malaysians and foreign health tourists.

KLWC will be developed and completed across a 10-year period. The project is a healthcare-based mixed-development, spanning over 7 plots and 26.49 acres of land:

  • Plot 1: Medical specialists suites and commercial/hotel suites. It will include a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) centre.
  • Plot 2 & 3: Resort-style retirement living homes offering Independent Living Units (ILU) – these will be adjacent to the hospital, medical specialist suites, and healthcare mall.
  • Plot 4: SOHO Tower, Office Tower, Healthcare Mall and proposed Cancer Hospital. The range of healthcare products and services in the Healthcare Mall will include complimentary and traditional medicine services (such as traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Indian medicine ‘Ayurvedic, Siddha, ynani and yoga’, traditional Malay medicine, traditional Islamic medicine, chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, wellness spa, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, osteopathy, diabetic wounds, dietary and nutrition supplements/programmes, fitness centres, rehabilitation centres and many more.
  • Plot 5: A 624-bed tertiary hospital with Centres of Excellence in areas including cardiology, spine health, neuro health, sports medicine, plastic cosmetics surgery, fertility, and stem cell therapy. It will also include R&D laboratories and facilities for clinical studies.
  • Plot 6: Service apartments, SOHO and commercial units.
  • Plot 7: Service apartments, SOHO and commercial units.